The Perfect {Natural} Base

The Perfect {Natural} Base

Didja know?! We do IN-store color matching for our Best Yet Cosmetics’ liquid and powder foundations*!

One of the most frustrating parts about purchasing foundation is wondering if you’re going to match it correctly.

Let us help you create the perfect “base” for that seamless finish 😘.

As always, our face makeup products are non-toxic, which means talc, bismuth & dye free. Your face and hormones will thank you!

Oh- and application??

Nessa prefers to use a damp blending sponge for liquid foundation – only half the amount needed this way for all over face!

For powders, a “kabuki” buff brush is great. It’s AMAZING! Plus, our powders are SO SOFT and never chalky.

(Photo credit to Ali J Boutique where you can also get color matched!)

*Samples are available to ship online 😎.


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