How to Keep Your Lips Soft...Once and For All!

How to Keep Your Lips Soft...Once and For All!

💋LADIES: Let’s talk “dry lips rescue”!
When it comes to moisturizing your lips, it can be hard to kick the “chapstick habit”. Why is that?! 💄👇🏼

Did you know? ➡️ Petroleum based products do provide a nice layer on the lips…. BUT it’s trapping moisture in and your lips aren’t able to “breathe”. Your lips are skin too. 💦

🌱 All Nessa’s Products are 100% Natural!!

My remedy for your pout 👄:
Lip Whip (aka Scrub) x1/week
Silky Lips Balm as needed
Silky Lips Shine when ya want a lil’ color
Best Yet Cosmetics Lipstick as often as YOU want the FULL color – they will NOT dry out your lips!

⭐️ TIP: When you stop using petroleum there can be adjustment period. You may need to reapply more often. Stick with it. Your lips AND HEALTH will thank you! 😘


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