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Try a lil jar to see how it helps before you commit to full size :).
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Neutralize facial redness, a common issue for many, with our Correction Powder.
"Yellow" counteracts red for lighter skin tones.

Ingredients: Sericite Mica [w/ Carnauba Wax], Zinc Oxide, Rice Powder, Lauryl Lysine & Iron Oxide

Directions: Buff this on before your powder foundation, the light yellow shade will help neutralize facial redness. It can also be used after you've applied your liquid foundation. Apply where needed then use your finishing powder.

Comes in a lil jar with sifter and lid - for you to try out. 🙂
See our other listing to purchase a full size jar.

[Formerly known as Nessa's Mineral Correction Powder in "Yellow Disguise"].

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