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Nessa’s CBD Story

Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities to purchase CBD but it wasn’t until I found a local grower (Walker) and that was it.

The Prairie Roots Cannabis tinctures got me!

Before I could start working with Prairie Roots, I needed my workshop in place.
So I got my ducks in a row. A week after my manufacturing lease was signed, I contacted Walker to say we had a green light!
He had primed their harvest with our products in mind….so he went out on a limb and knew it was meant to be. 🙌🏼
Who knew the perfect collaboration would be right here in Southwest Minnesota?!
Now introducing our CBD infused products ~ developed by a natural health nut (me) with (ALOT OF) help from an educated CBD enthusiast (Walker).
His partner, Colton, is also pictured. These guys have a real cool business rocking and I’m happy to collaborate with them!
Catch a glimpse of our four  CBD infused products here:
Here’s to good health,
Peace ✌️ friends!