You all know the drill: winter hits and you become like a woman with X-ray germ vision- there are germs EVERYWHERE and the antibacterial wipes at the grocery store to wipe your cart handle with seem too wimpy to fight them.

You find yourself turning down play dates when you hear a sniffle in Junior.  You say a prayer that a cold will stay with only one member of the family, instead of a long journey from one to the next taking up an entire months time.  You wonder if there is a better way to get through…you are exhausted. 

I have been there- and would still be in this continual cycle of nose blowing and scratchy throats if it wasn’t for the research and tangible prevention actions I have come across over the years.  Intrigued?  I know in the midst of winter chill, you certainly will be!  What can you do TODAY to prevent from going back down the never-ending road?  Here you go!

  1. Probiotics Year Round.

I am starting with a very important and fundamental tip.  Your gut health is vital to your overall health.  Good bacteria intake supports a healthy immune system.  If you would like to know which one I take religiously, Click Here to hear directly from me!

        2.  Wash your hands BUT AVOID ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP

When I first heard about the rise of antibacterial products, a red flag went off for me.  It isn’t hard to figure out- in fact, I learned in 8th grade Biology class, that bacteria can become resistant and become stronger: Superbugs.  So how did antibacterial products EVER get so popular?  If this is “news” to you, and you are still not checking your ingredient lists for things like Triclosan, or even the word “fragrance” (companies are not required to report the ingredients in the word “fragrance” so they get away with a bunch of icky chemical concoctions), then here is your sign!  We all NEED some forms of bacteria around us to let us build our own immune system up.  Let’s not continue to give these bugs superpowers.  Want to know my favorite Old Fashioned Lye soap?  Click Here to send me a message and I will email you the info!

           3.  Sleep/ Be Well Rested

We ALL know the difference a good night’s sleep can make in our overall health and well-being.  Running on empty, especially for women whose bodies and emotions are already under hormonal rule, can have terrible effects (just ask me- I have plenty of experience in dealing with no sleep over the years…it’s a serious matter!)  Here is a tip for our tech-based lifestyles:  Don’t look at a screen for at least 30 minutes before going to bed.  Tough, isn’t it?  But it sincerely helps!

          4.  Incorporate a Lot of Fresh Garlic into your Home-cooked Meals

Here is a rundown of this power food for boosted immunity:

1. Garlic can boost the number of T-cells in your body (these are the fighters, remember them?)

2. When you eat garlic, your adrenal glands (hormone glands) produce less stress hormones.   Results?  Less fatigue!

3. Garlic and Zinc together are a great duo: with a connector between of Sulfur (Garlic has a high sulfur content).  You know how certain foods/nutrients together become like Batman and Robin?  Here ya go.   Zinc is better absorbed into the body when sulfur is present, which is awesome because the trace element ZINC boosts immunities.  Garlic is the superhero, and Zinc is it’s trusty sidekick. 

Want to know a cool fact?  During the First World War raw garlic juice was used as an antiseptic for bathing wounds and helped save saved thousands of lives*.  Amazing!

        5. Thieves essential oil for your household cleaning…NEVER bleach!

Research shows that thieves is the best antibacterial solution for keeping icky germs at bay- for a long time.  In tests I have come across, yes, bleach does seem to obliterate everything in it’s path for the first day or so, but then the bacteria rally.  Thieves consistently keeps the area clean. 

We must also mention the airborne chemical component of bleach- it is horrible for lungs, for clean air, and also on the skin.  Thieves??  I take the stuff internally! 

Here is one of the articles I have read (see? Even middle schoolers get it) 

        6. Lots of fluid: Drinking water is a must. 

I couldn’t just skip over this one, even though it seems so obvious.  One of the first lines of defense in your body is your mucous membranes of the nose.  Water intake can help keep your mucous healthy, and doing it’s job of trapping bugs and preventing them from reaching the lungs. 

There are multiple studies that show people who drink more water on a regular basis have overall fewer sick days and illnesses.

        7.  Layers: Sweating Out the Fever

In my family, if/when we do get an infection, we sweat out the fever, letting our bodies get back to a normal rhythm, and allow healing at the infection points.  Want to nerd out a bit and understand it at a cellular level?  Click Here to read a short article on how sweating is the bodies way of creating a stable state after the infection.

Please note that every person is different, and seek medical advice if in doubt.  Use your mama intuition. 

        8. Prayer

Ultimately, God is in control of our health, bodies, functions, etc.  In prayer, I have the ultimate listening ear for meditation (which reduces stress) but also confirmation on what we should be doing for our health as a family.  There is absolutely power in prayer- for many more reasons than I can list in this little blog. 

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